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Energy Healing


Everything  is energy, from the  air we  breathe  to  the ground  we walk on.  It  takes more  energy  to  suppress  a  painful memory  or  the  associated  belief  that serves as  protection,  than to  release  it  forever. We specialize  in  finding those memories/beliefs  and  releasing  them instantly  and  permanently,  allowing  for  emotional  and  physical  healing.  

Physical Body


Whether you believe disease is a manifestation of emotional trauma, a genetic disorder or just plain bad luck, it is definitely our bodies call to action.  While western medicine is absolutely necessary,  the placebo effect proves the power of the mind and positive energy given any  direction. Our  energy  healing  services  have  had  a  tremondous  effect  on  many  disorders.  (STD’s, Thyroid  Disorders, Cancer, GI Disorders, Lymphatic  System, and Weight Loss to  name a few)

Emotional Healing


Limiting beliefs and emotional trauma cause energetic blocks we carry with us for for life. It takes energy to keep these feelings suppressed.  It takes courage to dig for the belief that releases the emotion permanently.  Our emotional work carries proven results for Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism, Behavior Disorders, Women’s Health, Addiction, Grief, and Resentment.

Services Offered

Soul Relationships


There are many different types of soul relationships.  As we face the challenge of knowing who that person may be, equally important is knowing the divine timing for that person to come into your life. Whether you are looking for your lover, business partner,  life long friend  or  improving  an  existing  relationship, we can assist you in finding everything you are looking for.

Home Clearing - Creating


Homes and land serve as the stage we act out  our lives  on. Over  time they become imprinted with the feelings, emotions and memories of the souls who’ve passed through. The energy, referred to as soul fragments, can be completely cleared. We then create  the  space  of  your  dreams  by  downloading the home with the  vibrations of your choice such as love, compassion, safety, etc., completely changing the energetic signature of the home  or  building. This serves as a tremendous tool when buying or selling a home.

Goddess Empowerment


We believe it’s time for all of us to transition out of the waning moments of patriarchal rule. Goddess empowerment is a call to balance. Lessons from our ancient deities can teach us everything we need to know. Rediscover these forgotten archetypes to assist you on your journey of personal evolution. Come learn about the power grace and nobility that currently resides within you.

Womb Love


Clinical studies have now proven that babies are aware of practically everything going on around them. The feelings and emotions of their mother and the environmental stresses around both of them can greatly effect the mental, physical and emotional  development of the child. One of our specialties is an exercise designed to send unconditional love to your children or family members as babies in the womb. The best part is you don’t have to be pregnant and fathers can do this too. While we love the spiritual advantages, this exercise also helps with a  variety  of  diseases.

Human Design


Interpreted through ancient wisdom systems, (Kabbalah, I Ching, and the chakra system) human design is a complete guide as to the person you were born to be. We process the location, date, exact time you were born and other facets to give you quite  possibly more information about yourself than you have ever received. Find out what motivates your decision making both consciously and unconsciously. Understand your personal ebbs and flows and discover the unique person you were born to be.

Oracle Card Readings


If you are looking for  a perspective outside of our own realm of existence,  an  intuitive  oracle  card  reading  is  for  you!  We provide readings from a variety of Oracle and Angel cards. Approach life’s deep questions, new situations and personal challenges with benevolent insight.  


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